Training & Consultation

BFA offers to review any existing Policies and Procedures or provide a tailor-made set of Policies and Procedures for Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Operations, Purchasing/Procurement Departments. BFA’s audit will demonstrate if the employees are aware of and are implementing the Policies and the Procedures, or not. BFA provides an extensive training of the employees for all the Policies and Procedures, for each and every responsibility within each department. This will ensure a comprehensive awareness of the Policies and Procedures, which must be strictly followed. Such rules and regulations, once established, will create a culture for the company which once enforced will protect the company from, or mitigate, the potential illegal or fraudulent activities.


BFA, as consultants, can be commissioned on a retainer, whereby a comprehensive service will be provided for consultative purposes, forensic auditing, reviewing policies and procedures, interviewing potential employees, and recruitment services, in addition to training. BFA services will be available for on call basis, as well as regular visits for unexpected audits, for all the departments.